A Typical Elementary School Day

Coming to school
School starts at 8:15.

School Bus
We have school buses that run between Kita-Urawa Station and our school.
Our junior high students help elementary students get on the bus safely.

Morning Chapel &
Homeroom Devotions
Chapel & Homeroom Devotions are from 8:20-8:40.

We start and end each school day with worship. We begin each new day calmly with some Bible verses, and close the day with thanks to the Lord.

The first period is from 8:45-9:30.
The second period is from 9:40-10:25.
The third period is from 10:35-11:20.
The fourth period is from 11:20-12:15.

From the fifth grade, the students have individual subject instructors teaching each class.
Until the entrance exams of colleges and universities for the twelfth grade begin, each subject’s department has all the responsibility to guide the students in their area.

The Lunch Break is from 12:15-1:00.

Every student brings a lunch from home.
The students give thanks to their parents, and feel their parents’ love from each lunch. (It is also a good system for students who have food allergies.)

The fifth period is from 1:05-1:50.
The sixth period is from 2:00-2:45.

Club Activities
Club activities are enjoyed from 3:30-4:20.
From the third grade, students join club activities after school. We have soccer club, basketball club, choir, ballet, and so on.

Leaving school
Elementary students leave school by 16:30.

All students up to the twelfth grade are divided into some commuting groups depending on where they live. If there is any problem on the way home, they help each other.