The Foundation of Our School

"The school was established on a hill. We could see a beautiful pine tree at the side of the entrance with a small bush surrounding it." (quote from the 50th Memorial Book).

In 1953, local volunteers who strongly wished for the establishment of a Christian school with a faith-based curriculum in their area founded this school. They called it "Seibo-Gakuen-Shogakko" which means, "Holy Hope Elementary School." They had great help from American missionaries and the Board for Missions of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) in America.
At first, there were only four students in the small schoolhouse. In the process of hoping to offer an ideal Christian education, in 1963 and 1970,respectively, a junior high school and high school were added, which completed our twelve year education. We changed our name to "Urawa Lutheran School," named after the town. Teachers still strive for a complete and quality education that helps to develop students' character, so that the students can follow the Lord's leading and work toward their dreams.
This mission school, having grown these fifty years, has surely seen great blessings from the Lord and affected many young lives for Christ.


1953, April"Seibo-Gakuen-Elementary-School" was founded.
1963, April"Seibo-Gakuen-Junior-High-School" was established.
1965, MayThe main three-story Education Center was built.
1970, April"Seibo-Gakuen-High-School" was established.
The dream of 12 consecutive years of solid Christian education offered on one campus was realized.
1970, OctoberThe Gym and an indoor pool were added.
1974, OctoberThe school's name changed to, "Urawa Lutheran School."
1978, JanuaryOur supplementary educational Mountain School was built in Fukushima.
1987, JuneLand was purchased west of campus for sports activities and called, "Hanekura Ground."
1992, AugustThe junior high and senior high school building was built.
2001, NovemberA large traditional Japanese house was purchased near the school for meetings and classes.
It was named, "Seminar House."
2002, JanuaryThe indoor pool facilities were updated and remodeled.
2003, SeptemberThe school computer network with 40 computer stations was installed.
A fully equipped Multimedia-Room was opened, with dozens of laptops for students' use anywhere on campus.
The main guest restrooms and all elementary students' bathrooms in the main building were remodeled.