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Chairman of Urawa Lutheran School

Since our school was founded in 1953, we have kept this motto, "The people who love God and others; the people who are loved by God and others" as a phrase that embodies the spirit of our Foundation. We have tried to keep small classes with a fixed number of 30 students, and established a twelve year educational system from the 1st grade to the 12th grade. In that way, each teacher can grow in respect for each student and bring them up with great gentleness.
Our mission is to help each student's character as they grow in the Lord, in their spirit and abilities. We seek to train them to be considerate, creative, and responsible.
Expecting students to survive in the 21st century, we start English classes from elementary school. We offer students the chance to grow to be international people through educational and cultural exchange programs with sister schools in America. That is the education of which we are very proud.


Every morning around 7:20, arrival of the first school bus at the gate of our school turns the quietness in the early morning into liveliness, when every new day of our school begins, with the hallway of our school filled with the cheerful echoes of greetings of our elementary students.

In our elementary school, we provide our students with a series of various kinds experiences, through which they can sharpen and enrich their mind that is opened to various new things. With the sophisticated mind they find their dreams to realize in their future, and then try very hard to grow the dreams and hope in our junior high and high school. In general, a person is motivated to make best effort to pursue some career by some determined goal of his or her own setting up. The final goal of our consistent, 12-year-education is to encourage our students, who are supported by God’s Love, to make continuous effort to have a dream, then set up and achieve their realistic goals.

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