Urawa Lutheran School’s
Twelve Year Educational Statement

At Urawa Lutheran School, students from the first through the twelfth grade learn together on one campus. Each homeroom teacher from the 1st to 4th grade teaches all subjects other than music, the Bible, and English. Homeroom teachers closely bond with each child, seeking a strong relationship with each one. They are in charge of guiding the children as the Bible teaches, sometimes strictly, sometimes gently. From the fifth grade, children are taught by various subject teachers, each of whom fully cooperates with the homeroom teachers. The teachers of each subject give lessons realizing their responsibility for a consistent curriculum.
Our elementary school students enjoy various experiences, not only through required academic subjects, but through many events and club activities. The children are allowed to freely mature at our Mountain School and on various excursions, beginning from the first grade. Children learn about the love of God in worship, and attend many events relevant to Christianity.
In our junior high school, our students' goal to learn the fundamental subjects is enhanced by having had a six-year elementary solid educational foundation. Ninth graders can participate in a cross-cultural four-week program in the United States, with help from our sister university in California and our partner church in Arizona. Every summer they can experience life in a Christian home in the United States.
In high school, career planning becomes the primary goal for students, and our high school faculty is ready to help the students consider a future plan suitable for each one of them. Every year, nearly 60 students graduate with great hope and confidence. One of the most special features of our school is the personal attention paid to each student's development educationally, as well as socially, physically, and spiritually.

"A Place To Learn"

Urawa Lutheran School has been improving our first through twelfth grade curriculum since 1970. The uniqueness of having 12 grades on one campus helps students grow and mature in their various developmental stages with God's grace. Each grade consists of 60 students (divided into 2 classes), so our school could be considered a small one. It is due to this unique intimacy between ages, however, that our students, their parents, and our teachers are bound together like a big family.
We regard every child as a unique and precious being, loved by God. We seek to nourish each student according to his or her own characteristics, and interests. We seek to discern each child's individuality and educate each one using methods suitable to each personality. Although the national decline of student academic ability has been a recent problem in Japan, we have not reduced the contents of our curriculum, but have adhered to a consistent educational plan. As an example, our high school students can choose to join a lecture class in their course of study that is made up of a small number of students, enhancing their educational experience.

"A Place To Serve Others"

Volunteer work at ULS is a vital feature of our students' well-rounded education. They enjoy many opportunities to be involved in various volunteer work. Volunteering includes visiting nursing homes for the elderly, experiencing empathetic "pains" or enacting inconveniences that the disabled frequently encounter, and inviting elderly people to our Christmas service to share the joy of Christmas with them.
Students also can learn how to read Braille, help people in wheelchairs, and fund-raise for charity at the train stations. All of these activities have been adopted in order to teach and train students to understand the importance of helping those who live around us.
Perhaps because of this training, some graduates have devoted themselves to volunteer work overseas.